Welcome to the Emerald City

Splintered State, part 2

Drek hits the fan

“Imaginary” Annie Goldsmith sent over another one of her clients with additional information gleaned from Seth Dietrich’s commlink. Operation Daybreak was, according to popular conspiracy theory, a plan by Governor Brackhaven to fame and villainize the Ork Underground community prior to the public ballot to legitimize the community.

During the introduction with the newest runner to the team Annie assembled, Dietrich’s commlink rings. The caller claims to be Seth Dietrich himself and offers ¥100,000 for its return the next day at Fort Lewis Zoo.

And here’s where Drek hits the fan.

Dark clad figures, seemingly Yakuza, catch the team by surprise during their meeting. After killing their leader, severely injuring two others and mind controlling a third, they decide it is in their best interest to flee.

The meeting at the zoo doesn’t go much better. Dietrich is there, but does not seem to be himself. He neither recognizes his own name or knows anything about the meet. Even his voice seems different than it was on the phone. Almost as if he were a different person. The only piece of information you can get from him is that he thinks his name is “Armitage” before he is silenced by a sniper’s bullet. Two more of the Russian assassins attempt to finish off any witnesses before fleeing the escaped basilisks and approaching UCAS military police. A quick search of Dietrich’s body before escaping, reveals that he did indeed bring the ¥100,000 as promised as well as a second commlink.

If anything managed to become clear from this mess it’s that you have something that others want and they’re not interested in sharing. (There’s also the question of how these interested parties found out who has what they’re looking for.)


its2bad4u its2bad4u

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