Welcome to the Emerald City

Lost lamb

(I forgot to do this one so I don’t remember all the details. Feel fee to post with anything I forget.)

The team was hired to find a woman’s missing nephew. He had just taken a new job, but she hadn’t heard from him in quite some time. The team went to his last known residence to dig up information. They managed to find his apartment and get a hold of his less than impressive resume. While checking with the neighbors one of them less than helpfully shouted, “Piss off!” He couldn’t have expected that a massive troll would knock in his door and piss on him in response. He probably chooses his words more carefully these days.

The next stop was the location of the company where the target had applied. The office, deep in Ancients territory, didn’t look like much. Steve tried to infiltrate, but it was clear he didn’t have what they were looking for. Shadow sensed some auras flickering on and off. When Steve tried to leave the gangers running protection tried to make sure he wouldn’t come around anymore. Once the Ancients were taken care of, the team explored the office and found that they were testing some drug on people that would awaken magical abilities, but unfortunately the target was not there. All the team has to go on is the Salamander logo and the magic inducing drugs that were found.


its2bad4u its2bad4u

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