Welcome to the Emerald City

Character creation

  • Figure out what kind of character you want to play.
  • Pick your priorities.
  • Get your base stats based on your race then spend your Attributes.
  • Purchase qualities. (You have 25 Karma to spend on qualities and other things. You’re limited to 25 points of positive and 25 points of negatives)
  • Spend your skill points. (The number after the slash is how many skill points you have for skill groups i.e. buying skills in bulk.)
  • Spend your money
  • Don’t forget to get a lifestyle otherwise you’re living in the street. You can pool money to buy a team lifestyle for an extra 10 percent per person.
  • Don’t forget to buy clips and ammo
  • Gear has 3 limits
  • Cyber/bioware is limited to a +4 per attribute
  • Nothing above Availability 12
  • Nothing above rating 6
  • You can spend up to 10 Karma (of your 25 from above) on cash. 1 Karma = 10,000 bucks.
  • You can only keep 5000 bucks from character creation, so don’t be stingy
  • Spend your leftover Karma
  • That includes spirits, spells, foci, contacts, sprites.
  • Everyone gets free Karma for contacts, but you can use your leftover from above for more. * You get Karma = Charisma x3 to spend on your initial contacts.
  • You can keep up to 7 Karma
  • Final calculations – Theres a table of derived values like initiative and limits on page 101.


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