Welcome to the Emerald City

An Odd Odd-Job

Sometime outside of the previous weeks’ events Shadow (James) and Azzazel (Ron) sought out some work through their contacts. Shadow’s fixer came through with some leads and after weighing their options they decided to do an odd job.

Their strange Mr. Johnson appeared to them at an abandoned street corner in the Barrens and informed them he needed them to retrieve a Salish artifact, an orca carved from a whale bone, from an office lobby; claiming that it was more than it appeared. The duo accepted the job and set off to scout out the location. After Shadow failed to woo the receptionist and Azzazel was denied use of the lavatory, they turned to more typical recon methods. Shadow invisibly slipped into the building behind the exiting employees and let his associate in. Azzazel acquired the artifact by readily embracing the essence of “smash and grab”. They beat a hasty retreat dousing the security’s fire elemental with the sprinkler system and blockading the doors with a wall of force. The hired wheelman had them away with no trouble.

When it came time to deliver the goods they met Mr. Johnson in the Barrens again. The mage was caught dropping his invisibility spell as he approached and admitted that he hadn’t expected them to succeed despite the relative ease of the task. Cue his sudden but inevitable betrayal. The team made such short work of him that it was said “his head is now wherever you choose it to be.” It’s not clear whether Mr. Johnson actually wanted the artifact, which does not seem to be magical, but they retrieved their payment off of his body, so they didn’t seem too concerned. The artifact (and all the other things) stolen in from the officer were returned by mail. A peculiar pin was found on Mr. Johnson – a dragon inside a pentagram. Some digging turned up that it has some connection to Rasputin, but the significance is not known.


its2bad4u its2bad4u

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