Welcome to the Emerald City

Splintered State, parts 3 and 4

After speeding away from the chaos at the zoo with the second commlink in hand, the crew has some time to rest up. During that break a number of offers to buy the commlink came in from various interested parties. Ares, Mitsuhama, Brackhaven (through a shadowrunner) and Project Freedom. While the Ares, Mitsuhama and Brackhaven offers were larger than Project Freedom’s, the information uncovered from decrypting the second commlink made it clear the best option was to get the information to someone who stood a chance of taking Brackhaven down. The meet with Project Freedom was briefly interrupted by Brackhaven’s team, but they were unsuccessful at taking back the commlink.

Now that they had Seth Dietrich’s data on Brackhaven, there was one more Job that Project Freedom needed done so they could put the final nail in the coffin of Brackhaven’s career. Unbeknownst to Brackhaven, records of his dirty dealings were stored on a local server inside Brackhaven Investments. Project Freedom could offered some gear including gliders and rooms from which to launch them. Insertion would be taking gliders from an adjacent hotel to the roof of Brackhaven Investments. From there the team worked their way down to the 10th floor rather successfully. Finally reaching the 10th floor the team held off security long enough for Tauren to complete his copy of the data and then set off the fire alarm to cover the escape.


its2bad4u its2bad4u

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