Welcome to the Emerald City

Your day starts with Knight Errant pounding on your door at 7am an arresting you in connection with a commlink heist in Tacoma the night before. Luckily for you, you had nothing to do with the theft. Unluckily for you, they seem determined that you are guilty. After rotting in the holding cell for a bit, a lively young defense attorney, “Invisible” Annie Goldsmith, arranges for your release. She doesn’t want any payment, but does need you to do a job in return. Shinobi (Greg) asks if she is the reason you were all arrested in the first place, but she just plays coy.

The job is a milk run, as they say on the streets. A greasy Korean Mr. Johnson meets you in a Redmond Barrens bar, The Banshee, and asks you to retrieve a commlink belonging to a small time dealer called Oxycode. You arrive at the motel where Oxycode is supposed to be only to find him already strangled to death. Instead of one commlink, he has two. All of the contacts on both are nameless, but when you dig deeper on the second a second device is found; this one fully encrypted.

A quick call to Annie gets you a decker capable of un-encrypting the data, but she informs you that you only have half of the information. What data you are able to decrypt nets you a few scattered details about the some murders and wanton destruction and a name to the owner of the commlink, Seth Dietrich. Unfortunately your contacts (Ron’s cop, Greg’s Yakuza and James’ Fixer contacts) aren’t able to tell you much about Dietrich other than he’s an FBI agent who was trying to dig up dirt on Brackhaven, governor of Seattle Metroplex, around the time of the Ork Underground controversy.


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