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How did we get here? The Sixth World - A brief history:

1999 – The US Supreme Court upholds a private corporation’s right to maintain an armed force for the protection of its personnel and property.
2001 – The US Supreme Court established corporate extraterritoriality. This decision makes the Shiawase Corporation the first megacorporation
2005 – A major earthquake causes immense damage to New York City. It will take 40 years to rebuild.
2010 – The US government seizes all Native American lands.
2011 – This year would later be known as The Year of Chaos.
2011 – The first baby is born with a condition that would later be known as Unexplained Genetic Expression. UGE causes human mothers to give birth to children that appear like Dwarves or Elves.
December 24, 2011 : The Awakening
The great eastern dragon Rumuyo appears on Mount Fiji
Daniel Coleman, later known as Daniel Howling Coyote, walks out of Abilene detainment camp. Guards attempt to stop him but their bullets bounce off of a glowing field. Colemen leads his people into a fierce storm, leaving no trace.
The main cabin of the primary Operation Discovery module suffers a catastrophic malfunction and crashes on Mars, killing five of the eight astronauts. The survivors begin the return to Earth in the command capsule.
At one second past midnight the following message was sent to Shadowland BBS, the main online hangout of the shadow community:
MESBASE: 102/a
DATE/TIME: 00:00:01/12-24-11
SUBJECT: <unknown>
Good morning world. Welcome back. Play nice.

Nothing more from this individual has been heard from since.
2011: Ley lines and standing stones re-emerge all over Britain and the great Welsh dragon Celedyr is sighted.
2012: The great dragon Dunkelzahn appears in Denver. He grants a 12-hour interview during which he explains The Awakening.
2012: The great western dragon Lofwyr appears in Germany. He would become the sole owner of Saeder-Krupp, one of the ten AAA Megacorporations.
Election Day 2016: The US President-Elect, who was inaugurated due to his predecessor’s murder, orders the removal of all Native Americans from US soil by any means necessary, effective immediately.
2017: Daniel Howling Coyote initiates the Great Ghost Dance causing several volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest to erupt.
2018: The United States of America, Canada, and Aztlan (formerly Mexico) ratify the Treaty of Denver which establishes the Native American Nations in much of western North America. Denver is divided into several districts under jurisdiction of the participating nations.
2021: Without warning, ten percent of the world’s population suddenly mutates into Orks and Trolls. The process then occurs in utero children. The media calls this transformation “Goblinization.”
2023: The US Supereme Court grants equal rights to metahumans.
2030: Canada and the US merge into the United Canadian and American States (UCAS).
2034: The Confederation of American States secedes from the UCAS.
2036: The UCAS establishes the System Identification Number (SIN) system to track the records of it’s citizens. It is one part birth certificate, one part credit history, one part passport and one part legal record.
2036: Californa secedes from the UCAS. Aztlan invades southern California, taking the city of San Diego. Tir Tairange, the newly formed Elven nation in what used to be Oregon, invades northern California.
2036: The Nuyen ¥ becomes the world wide reserve currency.
2039: The Nights of Rage take place.
In Seattle the police gather all metahumans in Tacoma. Terrorists firebomb a detention center. The police to not react until hours late.
The events in Seattle spark racial violence worldwide.
Members of a magical group use magic and explosives to destroy the Sears Tower.
Anarchists establish the Free State of Berlin.
St. Patrick’s day becomes Bloody Tuesday in Boston. Irish terrorists plant a bomb in an elven restaurant. The parade turns into a race riot killing or injuring hundreds.
2042: Dunkelzahn’s semi-annual talk show Wyrn-Talk premieres.
2056: The UCAS Congress formally recognizes the great dragon Dunkelzahn as a legal citizen of the UCAS.
2057: Dunkelzahn is elected president of UCAS in a special election. He is sworn into office hours before dying in an explosion of his limousine. An astral rift appears at the site soon after. The reading of Dunkelzahn’s will establishes the Draco Foundation among many other things. The will distributes many items, both valuable and seemingly worthless, as well as dispenses advice and predictions.
2059: The Renraku Arcology, a massive self contained residential structure, in Seattle, is sealed automatically by it’s security system trapping more than 100,000 people inside. Rumors on the Matrix as to the cause of the shutdown center around a rogue AI.
2061: The Year of the Comet – Halley’s Comet returns.
2061: The first case of SURGE, Sudden Unexplained Recessive Genetic Expression, is reported. SURGE produces many variants of existing metahumans including features like fur, scales, third eyes, horns, tails and other features.
2061: The dragon Ghostwalker appears in astral form emerging from Dunkelzahn’s Rift in Washington, D.C. He immediately flies to Denver, somehow picking up his body along the way and with an army of spirits launches a month long campaign of attacks forcing Aztlan from their district.
2061: A Rogue Japanese commander, in California to provide aid, takes control of central California, forming the California Protectorate.
2062: The Council of Denver meets with Ghostwalker, giving him control of the city.
2064: The Matrix Crash 2.0 has an enormous impact on the world. Trains derail, planes crash, power plants shut down. The wired Matrix is left a smoking ruin in many portions of the world paving the way for the Wireless Matrix.
2069: Major earthquakes rock the San Andreas and San Pedro Shelf fault lines causing widespread destruction. Parts of Southern California and the Central Valley fall below sea level and Los Angeles and other costal cities are cut off from the mainland, effectively becoming islands.
2069: The California Protectorate is dissolved.
2073: Ghostwalker performs a ritual that closes Dunkelzahn’s Rift in Washington, D.C. Thousands are dead, injured or missing as a result.
2074: The world’s great dragons leave their lairs and hold a formal assembly. They sentence onf of their own to imprisonment and strip another of her hoard and lair.
2075: The Present Day


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